We have a vision for the future of a town centre shop and cafe/tea shop.

Much more than just a 9-5 selling machine as that would not be honouring to God.
We have a bigger vision including prayer-breakfasts and suppers, as we believe that, only through prayer, fellowship and support of each other, can we truly have a chance of ‘walking the walk we talk’. 

In the shop we aim to stock books and gifts with Christ at the centre, carefully selected God honouring material. Our emphasis is on Scripture and the learning and declaration of God’s word. We might not have very many church supplies in stock, but would be able to order most things for you.

In the Café area, you will be able to refresh yourself with a nice drink and slice of homemade cake, or maybe choose to eat something a little more substantial from a simple, but wholesome menu.
 In addition, hopefully you will feel free to ask questions if you are struggling, or, if you feel the need for prayer, be able to ask for it.

Fellowship events are another part of this vision we have, as it is good to come and meet together in fun, and also some serious events on several evenings / days. This could be in the way of conferences, game evenings, film nights, seminars etc. etc.

We also aim to have a chaplaincy in within the store, manned we hope by local volunteers (carefully selected), so that people who need help and prayer can get it.

It is a big vision and we feel happy to be able to ask you to be part of it through financial, and more importantly, prayer support.

To help us bring this to life you could become a friend of Scroll Eaters for just £10 a year; this would also get you a 10% discount on most items as well as many other benefits.
Most importantly though Please support us in Prayer.
We hope you will support and follow us in every step of the journey.
God Bless You, dear reader!